Not-for-profit boards are facing increasing challenges in their efforts to achieve long-term success and financial strength.


Never before have NFPs and their boards had to be clearer about their mission and what sets them apart.


Governance is a significant issue. Meeting governance requirements without high cost and overburdening paid staff and volunteers with administrative tasks is a constant challenge.


Egenda is designed to improve efficiency and reduce costs for NFP leadership and boards.

Easily collate all Meeting Documents in a Single Secure Location

Eliminate email trials and version control issues. A single repository manages all documents, reducing time and effort.

Complete Audit Trails and Reporting

Egenda captures and reports on all documents and user activity, giving you a full audit trail

Affordable Pricing

Egenda pricing is based upon volume of papers, not the number of users, making it easily affordable for NFPs.

Access on any Device Anywhere

Papers are presented as a mobile optimised website. Remote meeting attendance is simple and reliable.

No technical training necessary

A half hour training session is the only introduction needed. No technical skills are required, simplifying implementation

Papers are Searchable across Multiple Meetings

Easily follow a discussion thread across multiple meetings with instant access to past papers.

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