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How do I make the business case for Egenda?

The Business Case Guide on the Egenda website is a guide to how much you could potentially save in time and money by using Egenda. The business case also includes intangibles such as better governance, improved information access and tracking of meeting actions. Egenda can significantly lower your administrative costs.

How much does it cost?

Egenda is priced very keenly for NFPs. When compared to per user pricing of tablet meeting apps, Egenda is highly affordable.

How many users can use Egenda?

There is no limit to the number of users. Egenda can be extended to all your NFP board and committee members and volunteers. Egenda enables cost effective communication right across the organisation.

How do I access past meeting papers?

All your past meeting papers are stored in your Egenda site. We work with you to scheduled archiving in line with your document retention practice.

Can I have a different administrator for each meeting?

Yes. Egenda is designed to manage multiple meetings concurrently, each meeting can have a different meeting administrator. Permissions and accessibility are set for each meeting, according to organizational practice.

Can directors and other members access Egenda remotely?

Egenda is completely mobile optimized and accessible online and offline. Your team can access Egenda remotely and easily review papers and participate in meetings from other locations.

Do my people need to be very tech savvy?

Absolutely not – if they can navigate a website, they can use Egenda. We always priorities simplicity and ease of use when considering the addition of any new functionality to Egenda.

How long does it take to set up Egenda?

Egenda can be in use within weeks of engagement. We work with you to determine the best time in your meeting cycle to begin training and implementation

How do we transition from paper to Egenda?

We work with you to understand how your meeting processes work now – and map your processes with Egenda – so nothing is missed. We have a suite of communication tools we tailor to help you keep your teams informed of the change and to help them navigate the transition.

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