Meeting Administrators

How easy is Egenda to use?

Egenda has been designed with the meeting administrator in mind – simplifying the end to end process from managing calendars, attendance, agendas, collating and distributing papers, minutes and finally archives. It is simple to use – no technical training is necessary.

How do I manage setting up and keeping users current?

As Meeting administrator you have complete control of all user profiles – you can add, edit and delete user profiles at any time.

How do I track what papers have been submitted?

Each time a meeting papers is uploaded to the document repository, the meeting administrator receives an instant notification on email that the paper has been submitted and is ready for review. No more email trails.

How do I manage version control?

Egenda will not allow more than one version of a paper to be in the repository. Papers than need to be updated must be first removed from the repository, then resubmitted.

How do I manage late submissions of papers and papers tabled at meetings?

You simply publish the papers to the website as soon as they are received, and all meeting participants can view the updated content.

Can I control permissions so people only see what they are authorised to see?

Yes – as an administrator you have the ability to create groups or committees within an organization, easily adding or removing members as required. You set permissions and accessibility of each group or committee, according to organizational practice.

Can meeting participants print papers if they choose to?

Yes they can print papers – either by agenda item or the entire meeting paper set. Printing can also be restricted.

Do my directors/ meeting participants need to be very tech savvy?

Absolutely not – if they can navigate a website, they can use Egenda. Elegant simplicity with rich functionality is critical in meeting management software, and we always priorities simplicity when considering the addition of any new functionality to Egenda.

How long does it take to set up Egenda?

Egenda can be in use within weeks of engagement. We work with you to determine the best time in your meeting cycle to begin training and implementation

How do we transition from paper to Egenda?

We work with you to understand how your meeting processes work now – and map your processes with Egenda – so nothing is missed. We have a suite of communication tools we tailor to help you keep your meeting participants informed of the change and to help them navigate the transition.

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