Leaders of secretariats and governance teams face enormous challenges in simultaneously managing multiple meetings with multiple attendees.


Egenda is designed to easily manage complex meeting environments:


Manage complex user profiles, with multiple roles across many meetings


Control user permissions and access to materials


Synchronise meeting calendars


Guarantee the highest levels of security for all meeting materials

Manage Preparation for Multiple Meetings Concurrently

Egenda enables preparation for multiple meeting types at the same time, and keeps each meeting completely separate.

Manage Complex user Profiles

Users can belong to multiple meetings, and be designated different roles in each meeting.

Easily collate all Meeting Documents in a Single Secure Location

Egenda eliminates email trails and version control issues. A single repository manages all documents from start to finish.

No technical training necessary

A half hour training session is the only introduction needed. No technical skills are required, simplifying implementation.

Security of the highest standard

Data Encryption, dual factor authentication, third party certification are standard.

Affordable for Multiple Meetings

Egenda pricing is based upon volume of papers, not the number of users, making it easily affordable for multiple meetings. Allows significant reduction in overall governance cost.

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