Egenda enables company secretaries to execute their governance and administrative roles with more certainty in less time, and at lower cost.


With Egenda, the management of communication with the board and committees is timely, efficient and completely secure.


Beyond the board, to committees and organisational meetings, Egenda enables improved communication with employees and other stakeholders throughout the organisation.


We designed Egenda with the people who do all the work behind the scenes in mind – it’s an end to end solution that improves meeting efficiency and corporate governance every step of the way..

Meeting Papers are presented as a simple to navigate website

Anyone who can navigate a website can navigate Egenda.

Security is of the highest standard

Data Encryption and third party certification are standard. Papers are automatically wiped from any lost device.

Governance and Audit trails are improved

Audit reporting tracks user activity.  No more email attachments and version control problems.

No technical training necessary

A simple half hour training session is the only introduction users will need. No technical skills are required.

Accessible from any device

Egenda works on your laptop, desktop, tablet and mobile.

Papers searchable across multiple meetings

Meeting participants can easily access papers from previous meetings e and search a topic across multiple meetings.

Reference Materials a click away

The website houses all your key reference content – charters, codes of conduct, constitutions, strategic plans etc.

Real Time Updates

Because Egenda is a website, your meeting can receive up to the minute information – financial reports, market updates, breaking news.

Decision making enhanced

Participants can follow a narrative across multiple meetings, ensuring decision making is based upon complete information.

Duplicated Meeting Paper Filing and Management eliminated

Eliminates the need for individuals to retain their own paper or electronic filing systems.

Affordable for Multiple Meetings

Egenda pricing is based upon volume of papers, not the number of users, making it easily affordable for multiple meetings.

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