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How does Egenda work?

It’s simple. Contributors prepare all their content in Word and Excel, and submit it directly to the Egenda document repository, ready for review and approval by authorised users. When the documents are authorised, they are automatically converted to HTML and published to the meeting website.

How do I assure the Board that our papers are secure?

Egenda is hosted in a highly secure data centre with no third party access. Customer content is segregated into individual repositories and encrypted with unique keys. Only the customers’ authorised users can access protected data.

How do I respond to last-minute changes and additional documents?

Documents are contributed to the document repository in their native format and once approved, converted to HTML and published to the website. Documents can be added to / removed from the repository and published at any time.

The Document Repository can only ever hold one version of a document, and a single-click document replace feature allows updates directly.

What about discoverability?

Customers control all of their content to meet their retention policies. Directors can permanently delete notes or the company secretary or meeting administrator can do so remotely.

How do I control document access?

Role-based permissions allow company secretaries or their delegates to grant or restrict access, including print and/or save options for committees or individuals. Users only have access to content for which they’re explicitly authorised.

How do I manage documents tabled at a meeting?

Documents tabled at a meeting can be added to the document repository at any time. Egenda can be configured to lock a meeting content after the meeting is finished and all content added. The Document repository contains a complete audit trail of time and date documents were contributed and published.

Can Directors access their papers offline?

Users can review and annotate documents even while offline. When the network connection is restored, all updates made in offline mode will automatically sync back to the server.

What document formats does Egenda support?

Egenda handles all popular formats. PDF / Word documents are automatically converted to HTML. Excel documents are usually displayed as an image. Long PDF documents do not have to be converted, but can be accessed as an image.

Do Board Members and Administrators have to be tech savvy?

No. If you know how to navigate a website you can use Egenda with very little training. We provide support to teach your administrator how to train users.

What training is required?

An online or in person training session for each user is part of the onboarding process.

Can papers be printed?

Yes. The entire pack of papers can be printed if required from the website. Printing can also be restricted in need.

How do I make the business case for Egenda?

Our business case guide shows how much you could potentially save in time and money by using Egenda. The business case also includes intangibles such as better governance, improved information access and tracking of meeting actions.

How much does it cost?

Egenda is priced based upon the size of your enterprise.We do not charge on a per user basis – our monthly fee includes unlimited meetings and unlimited users. When compared to per user pricing of tablet meeting apps, Egenda is highly affordable for organisations large and small.

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