Buyer’s Guide

The Essentials

The Challenge

In every organisation, there is a plethora of meetings – from the Board, to committees, to business units.  They are essential to good governance and effective management.


But organisations struggle with the time and expense involved in preparing, delivering and minuting important meetings, and are looking for solutions that deliver multiple benefits:

Are fully secure

Affordable right across the organisation

Enhance meeting productivity

Reduce costs

Enhance Governance , and

Are easy to use

This Buyer’s Guide will help you evaluate which Meeting Solution is right for your organisation.

Meeting Management Solution – Evaluation Criteria

Ease of Use

Limited training required

Suits non-technical users – anyone who can use a website can use the solution

Easy to use interface

Access to online support


Client data encrypted in the data centre, in transit and on user’s devices
Online and offline security at the same standard, with the ability to wipe data from any lost device.
Regular penetration testing
Weekly vulnerability scanning
User level defined access to materials


Pricing structure enables implementation for multiple meetings
No limitation on meeting or user numbers and no per user licence fees

Improved Governance

Single web based repository for all meeting materials
Eliminate email distribution and version control issues
Meeting participants access only approved, up to date meeting papers
Easily access papers from previous meetings for improved decision making
Full audit trail of document submission, editing and publishing to the meeting website

Enhanced Productivity

Meeting papers presented as a website, eliminating long downloads and scrolling through long papers
Search across a single topic on multiple meetings to inform discussion
Easily access to all reference materials – Terms of reference, policies, charters- from a single location
Easily enable remote participation and offline access to meeting content
Support dispersed workforces with mobile optimised access

Measurable Cost Reduction

Reduce administrative time in meeting preparation by 50% or more
Manage the end to end meeting process, from calendars through to archiving past papers
Reduce executive time in meeting preparation
Eliminate printing costs
Eliminate physical meeting pack distribution
Eliminate the cost of meeting records management by each meeting attendee

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