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Are my meeting papers secure?

Egenda is hosted in a highly secure data centre with no third party access. Customer content is segregated into individual repositories and encrypted with unique keys. Only authorized users can access protected data, barring even Egenda system administrators from viewing content.

How is access to meeting papers controlled, and any conflicts managed?

Role-based permissions allow directors to grant or restrict access, including print and/or save options for committees or individuals. Access can be controlled for folders, documents and even particular sections of a document. Users only have access to content for which they’re explicitly authorised.

Do I need to be tech savvy to use Egenda?

Absolutely not – if you can navigate a website, you can use Egenda. Elegant simplicity with rich functionality is critical in meeting management software, and we always priorities simplicity when considering the addition of any new functionality to Egenda.

Am I able to annotate and highlight content?

Yes – with Egenda you are able to annotate and highlight documents whether online or offline Private notes or highlights are held only under your sign on and cannot be seen by any other users. In the event of any unauthorized log in attempt, all notes and highlights are automatically deleted.

Can I view meeting papers documents offline?

Yes –users can work offline provided the documents have already been downloaded whilst online.

How do I manage multiple meetings?

In Egenda, each meeting of which you are a member sits within the same login. Your website navigation lists all your meetings and meeting dates. Under each date are the papers for that particular meeting type, e.g. Board, Audit and Risk, Remuneration.

Can I use Egenda for multiple boards?

Yes – provided each company is an Egenda customer, Egenda allows you to manage your meeting responsibilities within the one login.

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